A New Option in English Proficiency Tests for Canadian PR: Introducing the PTE Core

June 29, 2024
English proficiency tests for Canadian PR

Now, Indians who are considering applying for Canadian PR or Canadian citizenship have been furnished with an additional option to assess their English skills. Pearson is now accepting bookings for PTE Core, the new English language proficiency test that was unveiled recently. It was given the green light by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) last year and is acceptable to show English language proficiency for Canadian permanent economic immigration or immigration to Canada as a permanent resident or for Canadian citizenship. The tests will be held on February 12.

What is PTE Core?

Another test in the Pearson Test of English series called PTE Core has some similarities with PTE Academic in its offerings. It is a two-hour, computer-based exam conducted in a test centre setting, assessing four key English language skills in terms of language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
For vocational test takers, PTE Core has a specially developed, authentic approach to a non-academic focus. Designed to address Canada’s unique migration regulations and the IRCC’s language test benchmarks, it can evaluate English skills for practical use in any country.

Benefits of PTE Core

Pearson’s PTE Core introduces a fresh approach to the practical goal for all individuals wishing to reside and build a career in Canada. Here are some key benefits:
Tailored for Vocational Test Takers: However, unlike other tests that may be language-academic-centred, the PTE Core is practical and more like a real-life language test, which is suitable for vocational use.
Fast and Convenient: It is offered year-round and available online; it can be booked up to 24 hours before the test, and the results are usually received in two days.
Enhanced Security: In the assessment of PTE Core, scoring is done with the use of artificial intelligence together with human raters and the use of biometric data to enable fairness and accuracy in scoring.

PTE Core and Canada Migration Objective

Due to post-pandemic economic recovery in Canada and increased immigration, IRCC adds to the levels plan more options. PTE Core gets approval at the right time, offering new opportunities to the candidates who take the test for competitive job profiles such as nursing, engineering, and web development.
The Director of English Language Learning at Pearson India, Prabhul Ravindran, said this about the launch: PTE Core is a new test from Pearson that aims to provide vocational and real-life elements for the requirements of Canada’s migration services. This is a significant move for Pearson in enhancing our endeavour of being the provider of English language for the dedicated student.”

Global Recognition and Availability

PTE Core is offered in addition to PTE Academic, which has been recognised by IRCC since August 2023 for SDS for Student Visa. PTE Academic is accepted by more than 97% of universities in Canada, 95% of colleges, and many government bodies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
The fully digital PTE Core test will be accessible on Pearson’s platform in over 402 PTE centres in 118 countries, including 25 in Canada.

The process of making an application and booking for the PTE Core Test

It is easy to book your PTE Core test. Candidates can sit for the exam at their own convenient time through an online booking system, whereby they are offered several options of available test times in the course of the year. PTE Core Writing and Speaking usually takes approximately two days to process with a high success rate of passing, enabling one to prove English proficiency for Canadian PR and citizenship.


PTE Core is truly a milestone in English language proficiency, which makes it more realistic and viable for those seeking Canada PR or citizenship. As Canada continues to experience a need for more skilled individuals in the workplace, Core is poised to adequately serve Canada’s economic class demand.

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