GREAT Scholarships: UK University Postgraduate Scholarship of £10,000 for Indian Students (2024–25)

June 20, 2024

Do you want to study in the United Kingdom, where you can find the Indian student’s paradise? The GREAT Scholarships are a great opportunity for one to secure a scholarship to pay for £10,000 in tuition fees for one-year taught postgraduate study starting in the 2024–25 academic year. This is a highly acclaimed scholarship that is offered at a number of well-established universities in the United Kingdom.

Participating Universities

For the 2024–25 academic year, the following UK institutions are offering great scholarships to students from India:For the 2024–25 academic year, the following UK institutions are offering great scholarships to students from India:

What Makes a GREAT Scholar?

  • This list is aimed at those who are citizens of India.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm for the proposed subject area for the selection.
  • Satisfy the English language entry and attendance requirements of a UK HEI.
  • In engaging with the UK academically and personally, both from a scholarly and social perspective, it is pertinent to explore the factors that make up academic engagement and the role of social media in the process.
  • Engage with other scholars who are in the GREAT scheme but are based in the United Kingdom in a networking event wherein they will share their experiences.
  • Endeavour to work as an ambassador of the GREAT Scholarships program and remain in communication with the British Council as well as their HEI.
  • Accept conversation with a few of the possible candidates concerning their experience in the United Kingdom as an alumnus.

Application Process

  • Please refer to the pages of the university listed above for details on the specific course and how to apply.
  • For further steps, go to the university scholarship link.
  • According to the rules outlined by each university, proceed to apply for individual scholarships.
  • That is why the application deadlines may significantly differ from one institution to another. Please consult each university’s page for those specific timelines.
  • The respective universities will communicate with successful scholars about the results of their applications.
  • This means that scholarship funds will be paid to all the successful applicants by the respective universities once they register.

About the Great Scholar

  • Ensure that you are a citizen of one of the great target countries.
  • Be in possession of a first degree that would allow one to join a postgraduate program at a participating UK university.
  • I wish to attend a postgraduate course in the UK and be qualified academically to derive the benefits.
  • Bring prior work experience or profess an interest in the proposed subject of discussion.
  • The IELTS is designed to meet the English language and academic requirements of the UK HEI.
  • Experience life in the UK as a higher education student, attend lectures, get involved in co-curricular activities, and market UK higher education.
  • Build a long-term relationship with the United Kingdom to enrich you both personally and academically.
  • Introduce the GREAT brand and explain the benefits of studying in the UK.
  • Engage in events and activities held by Study UK as well as the British Council.
  • Prove the possibility of future contributions to the advancement of socio-economic development upon graduation.
  • Stay connected with the British Council and pass on their study experiences in the UK to future scholars.


The GREAT Scholarships give students in India a rare opportunity to do a postgraduate program in the UK at relatively low costs. If you qualify and would like to grow academically and personally in the United Kingdom, apply now to start your journey!
Further information can be found on the specific university pages and what is waiting for you with the GREAT Scholarships program.

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