Indian Tourists in Türkiye: Targeting a 34% Increase in Visits from January to May 2024

July 9, 2024
Indian Tourists in Türkiye

India is among the fastest-growing source markets for Türkiye over the first five months of 2024. For instance, as per the Turkish Tourist Board statistics, the number of Indian Tourists in Türkiye totals 126,400, which is a 34 percent rise compared to 2023’s similar months. This rise also confirms that Turkey is one of the leading travel destinations for Indian fun and adventure lovers.

Experimenting with More Indians

Based on the above finding, the total number of Indian tourists visiting Turkey in 2023 has been captured in the following database as 2,740,000. This is so because the period from January to May 2024 particularly deploys nearly half of the effects of the total number of Indian tourists from the previous year. This is evidenced by the higher preference of the people for specifically Turkish, especially Indian travellers who want to explore various ultures.

Top Historical Destinations and Tourist Arrivals from India in Turkey

In time, many regions and cities of Turkey have surely attracted Indian tourists because every place is unique in its own way.

Istanbul: Being among the top foreign cities that Indians have visited in recent years because of its historical and cultural significance and good food, Istanbul continues to entice Indians. It also has a rich history and other tourist attractions such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, which keep pulling in tourists.

Cappadocia: This area is visited for the different types of terrain available and hot air balloon facilities, and many Indians must have visited Cappadocia. Such tourist spots are almost like those out of fairytales, and the idea of hotels in caves is indeed out of this world indeed.

Antalya and Bodrum: These are areas that have a beautiful sandy shoreline and are also ideal for fine luxury accommodations. Weddings, honey moons, luxury parties, or any event—most of the time, people prefer these places. The Mediterranean region is unique in its surroundings and also incorporates a high level of facilities for events and celebrations.

Pamukkale, İzmir, and Alaçatı: These are some of the places which are popular for their scenic views and archeological importance. Today, new guests appear to be the source of interest, such as thermal springs in Pamukkale, the sea coast in İzmir, and colorful streets in Alaçatı attract a large number of Indians.

In order to increase tourism, there are the following strategic measures:

At the moment, the Türkiye Tourism Board has not left any stone unturned in fostering partnerships with the Indian travel trade for tourism uplift. This year, the board completed its six-city India roadshow with TAAI, or the Travel Agents Association of India, in March. This effort was geared towards enhancing cooperation between Indian travel agents and Turkey’s tourism stakeholders.
Similarly, the now-concluded family tour of OTOAI from June 30 to July 6, 2024, contributed significantly to the branding of tourist attractions in Turkey. It included 40 people from OTOAI from all over India and covered all the dimensions of tourism. The time has come for Turkey to pay equal attention to strengthening its relationship with Indian travel agents and offer products that may entice and instill traveller interest.


Hence, for Indian guests, there is a 34% rise in the number of visitors travelling to Turkey in January and May 2024. India still continues to prefer Turkey as their holiday destination because of its historical interests, picturesque geography, and attempts to introduce selective ways of reaching out to Indian tour operators. They also expect that the frequency of Indian tourists looking for different experiences that Turkish destinations provide will also increase in the future.

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