Demystifying New Zealand Student Visa: A Comprehensive Overview

June 5, 2024
New Zealand Student Visa

Everything You Need to Know About New Zealand Student Visas

New Zealand is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations because it provides quality education and scenic beauty. If you are planning on studying in New Zealand, then this article will give you all the necessary information about how to get a New Zealand student visa. Everything from how long it takes to how successful it is and what you need to do.

New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time

The first thing you need to find out is, How long does it take to process a New Zealand student visa? The average time that a New Zealand student visa will take to process depends on some factors like the country of application, application completeness, and the time of the year. In general, it goes from 4 to 6 weeks. However, during the peak period, it may take some time, and as such, it is recommended to apply early enough

New Zealand Student Visa Success Rate

It is relatively easy to secure a New Zealand student visa as long as all the prerequisites have been met and complied with. The success of such applications ranges between 80 and 90%, depending on the country of the applicant and other details of his/her application. It is imperative that all documents are properly completed and contain no errors in order to increase your odds

New Zealand Student Visa Application

Offer of Place: You must have received an offer of place from an approved education provider in New Zealand.
Evidence of Funds: You will have to prove that you are capable of financing your tuition fees and your maintenance while you are in the UK.
Health Insurance: The participants should ensure that they have adequate health insurance coverage during their stay.
Passport: A valid passport valid for at least the duration of the planned stay in the country.
Proof of Accommodation: Proof of where you will be living in New Zealand.
Medical Examination: Depending on the country of residence, one may be required to go through a medical examination.
English Proficiency: Evidence of fluency in English, which can be done through exams like IELTS or TOEFL, among others.

How Much Funds Are Required for a New Zealand Student Visa?

Another important condition for a New Zealand student visa is the documents confirming the availability of sufficient funds. Here’s what you need:
Tuition Fees: They require you to prove that you have the means to finance your first year at the university.
Living Costs: They have to prove that they have at least New Zealand Dollar 15,000 for each of your years of study for living expenses.
Return Travel: Proof of funds for a return ticket or an equivalent of an additional NZD 1,000.

The fees for New Zealand student visas include the following:

The cost charged for New Zealand student visa applications differs according to the country of application. At the moment, it costs about NZD 330 to obtain the visa if you apply from a country other than New Zealand; however, the fee can vary, so it is recommended to check the current rates on the official website of New Zealand’s Immigration.


It cannot be overstated how important it is for an international student out there to gain a New Zealand student visa so that he/she can fulfill their academic dreams in one of the most developed and gorgeous countries in the world. It will also guide you on the basic procedures to follow, the duration it takes, the probability of success, and any cost incurred so as to ensure a successful application process. It is preferred that initial applications are made and all your documents must be in order to increase your chances of selection.
For that reason, the education that can be obtained in New Zealand is really beneficial, and the time spent there can be one of the most talented experiences of one’s life. Remember to fill out your application—it’s going to be an interesting journey!



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