Aiming High: French President Macron Welcomes 30,000 Indian Students to Study in France by 2030

June 18, 2024
Study in France

In a bold and visionary move, French President Emmanuel Macron has set an ambitious target: to increase the influx of Indian students to reach up to 30000 by the year 2030 to Study in France. This program is part of a series to enhance education and cultural relations between India and France and share knowledge worldwide to enhance innovation. This goal is among the indicators that reveal the progressive steps in the education sector as more and more Indian students opt to study in France. 

Macron's Vision: Target of 30,000 Indian students by 2030 

President Macron’s initiative is not about the number but about the fact that France wants to build educational relations with India. This target is based on the increasing number of students from India willing to study at foreign universities and the awareness of France as one of the leading countries to study in. 
Enhanced Collaboration: The development of exchange programs, collaborative research projects, and other academic linkages between Indian and French universities. 
Streamlined Visa Processes: simplifying the process of availing visas for Indian students so that they can pursue education in France easily. 
Increased Scholarships: Increasing scholarship programs and financial aid to expand the enrollment of deserving and capable students from India. 
Promotional Campaigns: These are; launching promotional and awareness-creation programs in India to let the population know what they can do to get education in France.

Why study in France? 

France has always been very popular among international students who would like to get an education in a country with a centuries-long history, great educational facilities, and an interesting way of life. 
Top-Ranked Universities: France has several very famous universities all over the world. At the current time, 35 French universities are ranked in the QS World University Rankings, while approximately 15 are in the Times Higher Education Ranking. These rankings raise awareness of the competitiveness and internationally recognizable French higher education system. 
Diverse Academic Programmes: Universities across the country provide numerous programs in all possible major areas of study including engineering, business, the arts, the humanities, etc. This diversity helps the students get courses of their own choice based on their areas of specialty and their future goals. 
Research Opportunities: France, as a country, has given prominence to research and innovation. It means that the students who opt to study in France can avail themselves of the modern facilities of research and learn from the experts who are associated with the advanced research institutes. 
Affordable Education: Overall, tuition fees are relatively low for French institutions compared to other countries that are famous for international students. Also, the French government and universities offer several scholarships and financial assistance to the students. 
Cultural Experience: Learning in France offers much more than academics; it is a learning process in culture. The French experience ranges from the Eiffel Tower to the chateau country, with the opportunity to practice language and taste exquisite food and wine. 

Best Universities in France and Their QS World University Rankings.


Three, French universities are likely to attract Indian students most predominantly for quality education, culture, and research. The outlook for those who wish to study in France appears positive The President of France, Emmanuel Macron is targeting a figure of one hundred and thirty thousand Indian students by the year 2030. As educational and cultural relations between India and France are gradually growing, this scheme will undoubtedly contribute to the relations and initiatives in the academic field.

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