Study in Portugal: Why Indian Students Should Consider This Exciting Destination

July 5, 2024
Study in Portugal

Located in the south-western region of Europe, Portugal, a country with history, a beautiful landscape, and a vibrant culture, has become a favourite destination for overseas education seekers, including those from India. This blog post contains information about why students should study in Portugal, the ranking of the universities depending on their work, and the option to study in Portugal without IELTS.

Why study in Portugal?

1. Quality Education: Portugal has important academic programmes recognised for their research focus and high quality. Ghanaian universities are of standard and have any quality programme, as well as better facilities to hold modern learning stems.
2. Affordable tuition fees: Comparing the cost of studying in a West European country, especially in the context of Portugal, the fee to study here is relatively cheaper than that of other West European nations, making it financially beneficial to the Indian students.
3. Cultural Experience: Education in the country enables the students to learn more about the culture since the country of Portugal offers several nice places to visit, events, and customs.
4. Safe and welcoming environment: In summary, the environment is safe, and the people of Portugal are typically friendly towards international students.
5. Strategic Location: Portugal can be found in southern Europe, which makes it ideal for travellers who want to visit other countries in Europe while on holiday.

Study in Portugal for Indian Students

A variety of scholarships for studying in Portugal In higher education, Indian students will find various scholarships as well as student support services and a multicultural population. While most of the courses are taught in the Portuguese language, many universities in Portugal have a wide portfolio of programmes that have English as the medium of instruction, especially at the postgraduate level.
Scholarships and Financial Aid: Different universities in Portugal offer scholarships and other forms of reimbursement to college students, especially international students, in acknowledgement of performance and hardship.
Student Support Services: Portuguese universities thus endeavour to ensure that Indian students have access to sufficient supportive services as they start with their academic programmes and as they progress in their chosen disciplines and careers.
Multicultural Environment: In the next few months, as more international students pour into the country, Portuguese universities are likely to become even more diverse, which means there is definitely room for existing and new Indian students to interact with fellow students from other parts of the world.

Study in Portugal Without IELTS

English Proficiency Proof: The majority of universities in Portugal do allow for students to provide other forms of certificates showing English proficiency, including a letter showing that the previous learning institution was in the medium of English.
Preparatory Language Courses: To facilitate their education, some universities provide intensive English language courses for those with poor language proficiency.
Interview Process: Some institutions may request that the candidate undergo an interview to establish their level of English proficiency rather than standard test scores.


Now, let us look at a few reasons why one should consider Portugal as a favourable country for Indian students seeking to study abroad. For these reasons—quality education, low-cost fees, culture, and openness—it could be an ideal university to consider. Furthermore, the flexible English language requirements further endear it to anyone who is willing to pursue education.

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