Stay Informed: UK’s Recent Announcement on UK Work Visa and Family Visa Caps

June 4, 2024
UK Work Visa

UK Announces New Caps on Work and Family Visas to Curb Immigration

The UK’s Conservative Party wants annual quotas on granting work and family visas in an attempt to tackle immigration. This has been done due to the increasing net migration level that has emerged as a contentious topic in the up-coming July poll.

PM’s Statement on the Restrictions on the UK Work Permits

The British prime minister Rishi Sunak, who went head-to-head against Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, stated that the annual number of visas will be decided by the parliament in the future. This proposal seeks to respond to some of the main public concerns on immigration, stating that last year the net immigration figure was 685 000. This figure is marginally lower than the previous year but way above the 2019 numbers, which the Conservatives pledged to cut immigration.
As part of the Conservatives’ agenda to control the amount of immigration the UK receives, Sunak affirmed: “We have acted decisively to reduce the number of people arriving here. Our measures are effective: migration numbers are down, but they remain too high. That is why we will go further.”

New Measures and Their Effect on the UK Work Visa

This year, the Conservative government has put into place some regulation for immigration control. These include:
Restrictions on International Students and Social Care Workers: Restricting their ability to have dependents accompany them to the work location.
Increased Minimum Salary Threshold for Skilled Worker Visas: As such, making it more challenging for certain professionals to qualify.
These measures have reduced the number of people applying for health and social care visas, and this has been viewed as a threat to a shortage in the health and social care sectors.

The Rwanda Relocation Scheme

Besides the visa caps, there are more challenges in providing asylum, such as the UK government’s plan of irregular migration by moving failed asylum seekers to Rwanda. Mr. Sunak admitted that this scheme would not be operational before the election, and it became even more challenging for the Conservative party on the immigration issue.

Public participation and electoral consequences

It seems that both Sunak and Starmer are gearing up for a major showdown, with the new policy coming just a day before a catchment debate on some key election-related themes. The accusations to tighten up immigration policies are also expected to attract voters with rising concerns about the number of immigrants.


The latest caps in work and family visas look like another move by the UK government to maintain superior immigration authority. Anyone planning to obtain a UK work visa should endeavor to keep abreast of the prevailing legal requirements as well as the corresponding changes. Since the election issue of immigration becomes more sensitive for the year’s election, these new measures would substantially change the future picture of UK immigration.
To get more information pertaining to the policies that relate to work visas for the United Kingdom, consult the UK government website.
In this way, you can know how to wade through the UK work visa qualifications and know the extent to which these new caps will influence your working or reuniting with your family in the United Kingdom



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