Study Abroad: Where to Go and What to Know about Universities and Scholarships in Canberra 

July 11, 2024

Canberra, the capital of Australia, has become one of the most popular cities for international students, particularly from India. A recent statistic shows that in 2023, there were 1,362 Indian students in Canberra, and this number has doubled in the last five years. This increase reflects the city’s promotion of study due to quality education, student life, and adequate support for international students’ needs. This is evidenced by the over 17,500 inhabitants of Indian origin that live in Canberra today.

As stated in the Oxford Economics Global Cities Index published in May 2024, Canberra offers the second highest quality of life globally. Moreover, according to QS, Canberra ranked 29th among the best student cities in the world. All these achievements make Canberra a favorable place for study. 

Top universities in Canberra 

1. Australian National University (ANU):
QS World Ranking: 30
Special Features:
Can confirm that all first-year students are provided with a place to live, recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the field of engineering, science, and cultural disciplines.

2. University of Canberra (UC):
QS World Ranking: 403
Impact Rankings: 125th globally for addressing inequalities (THE Impact Rankings, 2023)
Graduate Employment: Canberra: Australia’s Number 1 university for graduate employment
Special Features: First year student booking guarantee, the premier institution for health, education and management programs.

3. Australian Catholic University (ACU):
QS World Ranking: 901-950
Special Features: Committed to providing education for skilled teachers for children with special needs, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists and social workers.

4. University of New South Wales (UNSW):
QS World Ranking: 19
Special Features: Linked with the Australian Defence Force Academy regarding the undergraduate intake, they envisage a fresh billion-dollar campus in Canberra by 2025.

5. Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT):
Special Features: Provider of technical & vocational education and training in Canberra, 95% satisfaction level among employers & graduates, a new campus to be built at a cost of $250M to be completed by 2025, offers technical & vocational education in allied health, aquatics & fitness, trades & technical, business & finance, graphic & digital, information & communication technology, renewable energy & sustainability, teaching & education.

Post-Graduation Stay and Employment

On completion of their courses, graduates may be able to secure the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) to allow them live and work in Canberra. As a regional city, Graduates working Canberra have the opportunity of an additional one year to their Temporary Graduate Visa. The city is home to the Canberra Innovation Network which provides incubation, acceleration, personal development and financial assistance to start-ups.

Internships and Job Opportunities

Canberra internships offer relevant local employment experience and can be seen as initial steps in a career trajectory. They do not guarantee employment but those with them experience a boost in job prospects.

Welcoming Cities Network

It’s an important member of the Welcoming Cities Network and is determined to make all residents of the city feel welcome. The city affiliated in the network in 2019 and attained ‘Advanced’ certification in the year 2023. To assist international students, especially in their transition to the University, Canberra offers orientation programs, linguistic assistance, cultural activities, and community involvement.


India students can build a career in international education, gain effective employment opportunities and a pleasant environment while studying in Canberra. Coming to Canberra will open a door to the great higher education system combined with multicultural learning environment and endless opportunities.

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