How to Achieve Canada PR: Your Comprehensive Guide

June 27, 2024
Canada PR

Today, the number of people willing to migrate to Canada is incredibly high because the country boasts a great economy and a high level of living standards and immigrant-friendly policies. The potential of getting a Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada has many advantages: Having a resident status for life in the country, exercising the right to work in any area of the country, health care and social services, and the prospect of obtaining a Canadian citizenship. This blog will explain what PR in Canada includes, who is eligible for this program, and the different ways how one may apply for Canada PR from India.

What is PR in Canada?

Immigration to PR in Canada turns an individual into a legal member of the country, has the freedom to work and study throughout the country, and has unrestricted residence permission. Resident aliens are individuals who have been granted a permanent residence status and are allowed to work and reside in the country legally, they are similar to Canadian citizens in most ways as they are accorded most of the rights and privileges of the Canadians and are equally bound by the laws of the country in the same way as the citizens of the country are bound. However, PRs cannot vote or stand for election although they do not require re-registration for every five years.

PR Canada Eligibility

To gain the permanent resident status in Canada, you have to fulfill certain requirements depending on the category of immigration you apply for.
Express Entry: For skilled workers — it should be noted that the opportunity to receive additional payments is also provided for unskilled workers.
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): To the applicabt who possesses certain skills, education, and work experiences as a contribution to a particular province or territory.
Family Sponsorship: For Canadians or landed immigrants with family members who wish to visit them in this country.
Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers: For prospective residents of Quebec and for those targeted by the province.
Atlantic Immigration Pilot: Employment opportunities: designed to suit workers with skills and international graduate willing to work and reside in Atlantic Canada.

How to Apply for Canada PR

Securing PR in Canada involves several steps:
Determine Your Eligibility: Go through the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and avail the online tool to I am eligible for which PR program.
Create an Express Entry Profile: This program can be applied through the Express Entry, and when doing this the applicant must make an online profile with information on age, education level, experience, English or French language skills, and other factors as well.
Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA): CQ: The Candidate with high Comprehensive Ranking System score in the Express Entry pool gets an ITA. PR status is another status that you can apply once you get an ITA.
Submit Your Application: To apply for PR, cook an application with the documents as the ITA mentions, like proof of funds, police clearance certificates, and medical reports.
Wait for a Decision: The time for processing an application taken differs, nevertheless; the status of an application can be checked online.

How to Apply for Canada PR

The application process for Canada PR generally includes the following steps:
Express Entry System:
Step 1: To be considered an applicant you must first see if you meet the basic requirements and establish an Express Entry profile.
Step 2: Language tests, ECA, any other certificates including transcript, degree certificate etc.
Step 3: You will then receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) and you have 60 days to apply.
Step 4: Apply for payment to be made by means of an application fee and complete the biometric test.
Step 5: Application takes sometime to be processed and confirmed by the department of immigration that one has been granted PR.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):
Step 1: Pick a place in the province or territory that you wish to settle in and get a nomination.
Step 2: If you receive a nomination, then create an express entry profile if you have one and attach your nomination certificate to the profile.
Step 3: Get an ITA, apply for PR and wait for the decision to be made.

How to Get Canada PR from India

The process for Indian applicants is similar to the general process but involves additional considerations:
Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): For Indian applicants to have their educational qualifications evaluated there is a need to have it done by a recognized body such as WES.
Language Proficiency: Given this candidature, you should write the IELTS test and score highly in order to increase your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.
Express Entry Profile: Complete an Express Entry profile and, if you wish, specify your interest in permanent residence in certain provinces.
PNP Applications: This is why they should consider applying for provincial nominations since this would help them to have higher chances of being given an ITA.


It is a great accomplishment that one attains PR in Canada since it comes with various advantages and possibilities. When one is aware of the basic qualifications of the program and gets a clear guide on the application procedure, he or she can easily find a way into becoming a permanent resident. Whether you want better employment opportunities, join family members or just want to explore the multicultural and rich quality of life in the world, Canada PR is your ticket to a better future.

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