USA PR: Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Permanent Residency

June 27, 2024

Many people dream of becoming new residents of the United States because of the peculiar Anglo-Saxon culture, vigorous companies, and plenty of opportunities. Acquiring your Permanent Residency (PR) in the USA is advantageous since you can pick your home and jobs; have health care privileges; and even be a US citizen someday. This article aims at providing insights as to what is expected of anyone who wants to permanently live in the US, the qualifications that will permit one to do so, and the procedures to make it possible, with an emphasis on foreign students. 

What is PR in the USA?

Some of the advantages of the green card, which is also referred to as permanent residency (PR) in the USA, include that green card holders share most of the privileges of U.S. citizens; however, they do not have the right to vote or vie for government jobs. To remain legally residents in the Green Land, they have to update their own permission of residential status from time to time by renewing their Green Country Card every ten years. 

USA PR Eligibility

Others recommended that to get a green card in the USA, what you need will depend on several factors and the selected immigration process. Common ways are: 
Family Immigration: For families of U.S. citizens or those with Green Cards, namely, beneficiaries of Green Cards. 
Work Immigration: For special talent, high-level professionals, and investors. 
Diversity Visa Lottery: As for the attitudes of people in countries that do not have a tradition of sending many immigrants to the USA, 
Asylum or Refugee Status: As a sub-operation for those who got approved refugees or for asylum seekers. 
Different Special Programs: In special circumstances, such as when a woman is abused or when one is a survivor of human trafficking, and cases like that. 

How to Get PR in USA

 To become a permanent resident in the USA, you must go through different steps tailored to how you plan to immigrate: 
Family-Backed Immigration: 
1. A relative whom a Green Card holder or a U.S. citizen wishes to join must apply for the government’s permission to do so (by filling out Form I-130 on their behalf). 
2. Each month there are updates on the waitlist for the visa; hence, we are always waiting for your number when the monthly visa news comes out. 
3. Inside the U.S., advocate for the Green Card using Form I-485. In another country, contact the U.S. place that you wish to get to. 
4. Schedule a time to get fingerprints and a time to talk to officers. 
5. Once they say yes, get your green card. 

Employment While Being in the U.S. 
1. Search for an employment opportunity where the employer is desirous of having you, and sort out any work papers that you will require. 
2. You allow your employer to process a request with the government for a work stay through Form I-140. 
3. Thus, monitor the visa lineup and wait for it to be your turn as per your position in the hierarchy alongside the monthly visa bulletin. 
4. Whereas in the U.S., you should apply on Form I-485 if you want a green card. It’s important to note that for people residing in countries other than the U.S., the consulate steps must be followed. 
5. Join a meeting related to measurements and communicate with the corresponding authorities. 
6. Get a copy of your permanent resident card once they approve it. 

How Many Years to Get PR in the USA

Getting PR in the USA takes a different amount of time depending on your situation and how you’re coming into the country. Most of the time, you could get it in a few months, but sometimes it takes a bunch of years. If you’re an immediate family member of someone who lives in the U.S. already, you might get your PR in about 1 to 2 years. If you’re not, you might have to wait way longer, like more than 10 years. If you’re coming for a job, it also changes a lot. It might be quick in just a year, but it also could be 5 years, depending on what job you’re doing and where you came from. 

How Much Time to Get PR in the USA for International Students

If you’re an international student wanting PR in the USA, you’ve got a path to follow. First, you are on a student visa (F-1), then you get a work visa (H-1B), and you aim for a green card. This process has several steps and can take quite a while. 
Student Visa (F-1): You can stay for the entire time of your studies, 2 to 4 years. 
Optional Practical Training (OPT): You get up to 12 months, or 24 months for graduates in science, tech, engineering, and math. 
H-1B Visa: This one’s good for as long as 6 years. 
Employment-based Green Card: Getting this could take a few years, about 2 to 5 years, and it depends on your job type and where you’re from. 


Getting Permanent Residence (PR) in the USA is a big deal, with lots of good stuff that comes with it. If you know how to qualify and do what needs to be done for the application, you can make it to permanent resident status. Whether you want better job chances, to live with your family, or just to enjoy the great culture and life here, USA PR is your ticket to a brighter future. 

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