Apply Now for Deakin University Scholarship 2024: Full-Fee Scholarships Worth Rs 60 Lakh+ for Indian Students

June 21, 2024
Deakin University Scholarship 2024

Recently, in Australia, Deakin University announced its highly selective Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Programme (VSMSP) 2024, which provides a golden chance for Indian students to fulfill their academic aspirations. The essence of this campaign is to financially assist talented people with outstanding academic performance to make their impact in the world.

A brief description of the scholarship program

Deakin University is providing 10 full-fee scholarships worth over 60 lakh rupees each for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in any discipline. This comprises a scholarship program exclusively for sports study, as the university believes in training talents in various disciplines.
The ‘Changing Lives’ campaign highlights Deakin University’s commitment to supporting high-achieving students from India to be given an opportunity to undertake their studies in Victoria, Australia. This program aims at identifying and rewarding students with exceptional academic achievements and leadership skills in every year of study.

A brief description of the scholarship program

Eligibility Requirements:
For undergraduate courses:
Residency in India
The submission of the predicted Year 12 scores, where the final selection would be done based on actual scores obtained.
Meeting the English language proficiency requirements
A vast improvement in co-curricular activities

For postgraduate courses:
Residency in India
CBSE/ICSE/State Board Year 12 scores 85% and above or a First Class undergraduate degree or diploma.
The candidate must meet the language proficiency requirement for the English language.
In co-curricular activities, marked success was recorded.

Selection Criteria:

The selection process will involve the application form, referee references, an online presentation, and face-to-face interviews with academic and industrial professionals. Some of the considerations that are used to make the selection include grade point average, extracurricular activities, involvement in community activities, and fluency in English.

How to apply for scholarship in Deakin University

Applicants who are interested in applying should visit the official Deakin University website and apply for the vacancies in accordance with the procedures stipulated. All eligibility criteria must be revised, and the relevant documents must be compiled well in advance to make a perfect application.


The ‘Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship Programme 2024’ by Deakin University, Australia offers scholarships exclusively for Indian students. Future scholars are advised to take a chance to improve their academic and employability standing at one of Australia’s premier institutions.
For more information about Deakin University and how to apply, please click on the University’s website today.

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