Trump’s Surprising Shift: Green Cards for Foreign Students in Immigration Policy

June 21, 2024
Green Cards for Foreign Students

This is a move that is quite unexpected, given former president Trump’s rather aggressive approach to immigration throughout his presidential term in the US. This proposal entails providing green cards to graduating college students and junior college students in the United States. This policy change has received much attention, as it may determine the future of these students and the economy of the United States.

Trump's unexpected proposal

During his presidency, Donald Trump was known for his administration’s strict measures on immigration. However, he recently highlighted a critical issue: qualified graduates from universities in the United States face unemployment challenges due to immigration issues. In order to counter this, Trump proposed that every student graduating from an American educational institution should be issued a green card. This proposal will seek to retain the talented graduates and enable them to be useful to the United States economy and innovations without the turmoil of their immigration status.

The Advantages of Offering Green Cards to Graduates

1. Retaining talent
Thus, by providing green cards for graduates, the US can keep talented people who have already become accustomed to the educational system and cultural context of the country. Such graduates can easily fit into the American business environment and thus contribute towards the development of businesses in the country.
2. Boosting the Economy
Graduands from colleges in the United States have modern knowledge and skills in technology, science, engineering, and other vital areas. These people should be welcomed to continue living and working in the US, as they can likely have various positive impacts on the economy, such as creating jobs and introducing innovations in different fields.
3. Enhancing Global Competitiveness
The competition for talent is now going global, and countries like Canada and Australia have already put in place policies in this aspect. Allowing graduate students to get green cards will improve the competitiveness of the United States as a leading country in innovation.

Potential Challenges and Considerations

While the proposal has its merits, it also raises several questions and challenges:While the proposal has its merits, it also raises several questions and challenges:

Immigration policy reforms

It is clear that the adoption of such a policy would have profound shifts in the current structure of immigration laws governing the nation. The most significant challenge that legislators will face when seeking to implement this policy will be determining how to proceed to grant green cards automatically to all the qualifying graduates, given that this process has not been instituted previously.

Impact on the Domestic Workforce

Still, some critics recommend that this policy may have chances of influencing domestic workers because the presence of a large number of graduates from other countries might lead to competition. But how to strike a balance between protecting American employees and, at the same time, compelling companies to seek skilled talent from other parts of the world will be extremely imperative.

Long-Term Implications

This policy must also have long-term consequences, as they may not be as favorable as the short-term benefits of it. However, to achieve the goal of retaining brains, the immigration system must be made stable and sustainable for the future, which is a fundamental idea.


Offering green cards to international graduates of US colleges is another novel idea, unlike Trump’s previous attitude towards immigration. This revolutionary concept lies in the fact that employees are valuable assets only if they are skilled, knowledgeable, and willing to develop the country. With the United States coming face-to-face with the issue of immigration, this proposal focuses on the anticipation of innovative trends to sustain and strengthen the country’s position in the global market.

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