Indian Students Set to Become Largest Group in US: Migrate to USA for Higher Education

June 21, 2024
Migrate to USA

The United States has always been an attractive country for international students migrate to USA wishing to continue their education at the tertiary level, and current tendencies indicate the growing number of Indian students deciding to study in America. The information provided by the US Embassy in India states that Indians are likely to become the largest foreign students in the US this year. This unique raise implies the growing need and desire of Indian youth to successfully continue education at the American universities.

Why Indian Students Prefer to Migrate to USA for Higher Education

There are many reasons why Indian students prefer the United States as their study abroad destination.
Quality of Education: The US has some of the most prestigious universities in the world, which offer highly competitive academic and research programs. The leading universities include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, and Harvard University.
Diverse Course Offerings: Universities in the United States provide numerous opportunities in different fields, so students can easily choose programs that meet their future profession.
Cultural Diversity: The multicultural environment in the USA campuses is also an opportunity for learning and exposure to other cultures since the world has turned into a global village.
Post-Graduation Opportunities: US provides numerous opportunities for international students to attain practical experience through OPT and work with prestigious companies in diverse sectors.
Strong Indian Community: A large Indian population in the United States also contributes to the students’ comfort and sense of belonging even if they are away from India.

‘‘Rise in Student Visas: A Complete Shift’’

It has noted that the US Mission to India has particularly experienced a significant increase in the grant of student visas in the past three years. For instance, only in the calendar year 2023, more student visas were issued to students from India than in the previous three years of 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined. While the demand for other classes of visas has quadrupled, student visas have continued to be granted, hence showing that the United States is interested in Indian talent.
Despite the pandemic disruptions in the previous year, the US granted 140,000 student visas to Indian students in 2023 for the third year in a row, making it the world leader in issuing student visas. Such a trend displays the increased rate of Indian students migrating to the United States for their further studies.

A Guide to Planning for Your Academic Career

This process is important for Indian students who intend to study in the USA and end up obtaining student visas. The resource EducationUSA is an official web-site that contains information on studying in the US and application as well as the visa process. Engaging in the PDOs with EducationUSA can also assist students in preparing for their academic experience.


The increase in the people migrating to the USA for education, especially the Indians for higher education reflects the never fading interest in the American universities. Having quality education, vast range of programs and employment opportunities, USA offers one of the best education systems and room for growth for every Indian student who wants to achieve high levels of academic success. As a growing number of students from India enroll in US educational institutions to become the dominant group of international learners, this trend is expected to enhance the educational and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
As such, those who are contemplating this course should seize this chance and look at wealth of options that are available to the lucky few who decide to pursue education in the USA.

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