Poland Visa Fee Hike by €55

June 4, 2024
Poland Visa

Poland Increases National Visa Application Fee by €55: What You Need to Know

Since June 1, 2024, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced a major reform of the national visa, D-type. The fee for a national visa application and the fee for reconsideration of a national visa application shall be raised from € 80 to € 135. This change is due to a regulation of consular fees as of May 21, 2024, published in the Journal of Laws of 2024, item 774.

Factors that contributed to the hike in Poland Visa fees

The migration pressure has been on the rise in Poland and the government has implemented measures to ensure that the foreigners in the country have a proper reason for entering the country. According to the information received, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland plans to raise the national visa fee in order to provide more opportunities for the first-come first-served applicants and to decrease the number of people with the intent to stay in the country for a different purpose than stated initially.

On Schengen Visa Fees

The fee to apply for the national visa has been raised, but the fee to apply for the Schengen (C-type) visa and for reconsideration of a Schengen visa application has not yet been changed. Nevertheless, the governments of the Schengen States are considering raising the cost of the Schengen visa from €80 to €90 from 2024 due to the growing cost of administrative services in the issuance of visas.

Comparison Between Schengen and National Visa

It is possible to state that the difference in fees between Schengen and national visas is explained by the number of benefits of the national visa. The national visa allows to stay in the country for a longer time and allows to travel within the Schengen area which makes it more useful for people who plan to stay in Poland for a longer period of time.

Why the Poland Visa Fee Increase Matters

The change in the Poland visa fee is meant to make Poland visa application more organized, thereby filtering out people who do not have valid reasons to visit the country. The goal of Poland is to moderate the level of pressure from migrants and admit only those who have the intention to contribute to the country and its resources.

A Guide to Poland Visa Application

In light of these changes, anyone intending to apply for a Poland visa should make necessary preparations by taking the new fees into consideration.
Check the Latest Fee Updates: It is recommended to visit the official website of the ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Poland for information on the current visa fees and requirements.
Prepare Your Documents Carefully: Make sure that all you documents are as they should be and clearly indicate the reason for your stay.
Budget for the New Fees: These are some of the reasons why there was an increase in the fee when planning on your application to avoid being surprised.
Understand the Privileges: When applying for a national visa, you need to know that it has some more options: the ability to stay for a longer period of time and traveling across the Schengen area.


The raising of the Poland visa application fees can be seen as a measure for efficiently controlling migration and ensuring that foreign citizens entering Poland do not have different intentions regarding their stay than those declared. That way, you are sufficiently prepared and informed about the new fee structure and how to apply for your Poland visa.
To get more information about the particulars of the visa application and getting the updated information visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.
When preparing your application process and stay in Poland, you may consider the following tips:



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